We seek to outperform the market and other leading hedge funds, on a risk-adjusted basis, for our invite-only investor community
Sterling Rose Capital
is a modern & boutique hedge fund
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Our vision is bold and clear: to offer clients an innovative, agile, and robust investment strategy. We are committed to delivering high performance, low fees and unmatched liquidity.

With a proprietary strategy at our core and a unique vision guiding our way, we view our investors not merely as stakeholders but as integral partners in our relentless pursuit of long-term and outsized returns.
Our vision
Science - Statistics - Sentiment
We position ourselves as the foremost hedge fund choice for private clients - high-net-worth individuals and family offices. We aim for Sterling Rose Capital to be a brand recognised, revered, and trusted by private clients.
Fit for the modern era
Three Core Pillars
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Science, statistics, and sentiment
Investment Strategy
A high-performing and proprietary strategy; intersecting fundamentals and data-driven modelling.
More than an investment
Investor Relations
A high-touch service from start to finish for our curated and like-minded investor community. Where suitable, we will use technology to offer a seamless and client-friendly experience.
Integrity, credibility & competency
Robust regulation, diligent compliance and transparency underpins all areas of our fund. Each provider undergoes a rigorous vetting process, ensuring an alignment with our elevated standards, core values, and unwavering commitment to investor trust.
Our investment philosophy intersects the data-driven modelling with thetimeless wisdom of fundamental analysis. This harmonious blend fuels our creativity and sharpens our decision-making, ensuring our strategies remain ahead of the curve and resistant to biases.
Investment Philosophy
Where fundamentals meet technology
We are active, adaptive and agile, shifting during different market regimes whilst remaining robust through undue stress in the market. Understanding and managing risk is at the heart of our business. We recognise that risk comes in many formats and have devised a strategy to mitigate risk wherever possible.
Dynamic & Resilient
Join our investor community and be a part of
an innovative fund fit for the modern era.
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Sterling Rose Capital (Reg No.13488191) is incorporated in England and Wales. Sterling Rose Capital Limited is an appointed representative of Panima Capital Management Limited (FRN: 653812) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Sterling Rose Capital

33 St James’ Square, SW1Y 4JS, London, United Kingdom